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Silver Ruby rings have been viewed as elements signifying undying love, power, eternity or even a certain class in a given society. Depending on how they are worn, the occasion in which they are worn, who wears them, and also more importantly the person wearing them, rubies have remained timeless.

As well as beauty and looks, the ruby ring has been used differently for mystique purposes. It is believed that the ruby has positive effects on the person wearing it. It is seen as a jewelry that keeps the person wearing it away from evil spirits and even boosts their physical health in terms of better blood supply in the body or even a better working reproductive system.

The same rubies have been seen as gems that motivate the setting of goals, and at the same time giving the person wearing it courage to face everyday challenges. Despite all these good things about the ruby it is still very important to know when to wear the ruby and also how to wear it.

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As an element signifying undying love, the silver ruby ring is given during engagement ceremonies. The woman is usually given the silver ruby ring or rather she is made to wear it on the ring finger of the left hand. After the engagement ceremony the woman is supposed to wear the ring until her wedding day, and that is when she can have her wedding ring.

The ruby is seen as a perfect ring for engagement. It is treasured highly, and a man giving it for engagement will be viewed as one who sees the woman as special and worth it. A good engagement ring has a measure of three to about six carats. The carat is a measure of the weight of the ruby equivalent to 200 milligrams.

In earlier times, the ruby has always been affiliated with the sun. In some societies. it was believed to bring good luck to the person wearing it, the ruby was worn on a Sunday morning; preferably in the first two hours after the sun rises.

The person wearing the ruby was advised to put on clothes that were red in color just like the ruby and face the direction of the sun. Persons who were right handed put the ring on the ring finger of their right hand, while those who are left handed put the ring on the ring finger of their left hand.


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There are rubies worn to show when a person graduated from a given college especially in theology class, and also in some countries after high school. These rings are customized according to the class graduating.

In some cultures, ruby rings can be worn to pass a certain message. Men or women put on ruby rings when attending such gatherings either to show the crowd that they are of a high social setting, they have a high educational level or even to merely represent wealth. This is a common practice for rich people who usually find themselves attending important meetings and they feel the need to express their substantial wealth.

Rubies worn in such occasions are usually of larger carat value, ranging between six to even ten carats. A woman who is attending a meeting would also floss an expensive ruby ring to her advantage. This displays a powerful personality and the ability to face the challenge at hand.

After many years of marriage, the ruby ring is given as a token of appreciation during the fortieth wedding anniversary, this is usually because of its high value. It represents a continuation of undying love. Once a couple has achieved forty years in marriage the man gives the woman a ruby ring and that is seen as a gesture of love that is there to stay for a longer time.

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Also common among some cultures is the eternity ring. Though it may have different gems rather than the ruby, it is used as a symbol signifying a never ending love. The eternity ring is given to a woman after one year after marriage, this is typically during the first anniversary.

When wearing a certain ring, there are several things to consider. This includes; the color scheme of your clothes, the color tone of your skin, hair size of the woman, the occasion one is attending and even what image the ring would be portraying about you to the people around you.

A person with large hands would be okay wearing a larger ring while someone with smaller hands would look better with a smaller ring. A larger ruby would be a sign of confidence and boldness. The number of rings being worn on a hand also matters a lot, an average of three rings spread out in one hand would not seem exaggerated.

Evidently the silver ruby ring is one of the major aspects that will tell a lot about a person on the first encounter, when worn to suit a certain occasion and pass a certain message, its one of the best rings one can depend on. So next time you want to try a silver ruby ring find the right match and you will not be disappointed.

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