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White gold ruby rings are something that most jewelry lovers aspire to own. White gold ruby rings are quite the talk of the town and they go perfectly well with most attire and for most occasions. The cut of the ruby, design of the white gold, and their setting in the ring decides when and how you can wear it but there are no rules when it comes to dressing up. Do what you like and dress up the way you want because you’re most comfortable when you’re you.

What we have here aren’t rules as to how one should wear white gold ruby rings, but just some suggestions based on tried and tested situations. Read on for some tips that will let your star studded white gold ruby rings shine away at the next party.



1. Keep Your White Gold Ruby Rings Clean: For the ruby to spread its brilliance and for the white gold to gleam with joy, it is important that the ring is kept clean. For easy cleaning just prepare a solution by mixing warm water with a mild soap. Leave your ring in the mixture for about 20 – 30 minutes, take it out and use a soft cloth to gently rub and remove any dirt that’s stuck on to it.

You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub your ruby ring. Ensure that you don’t rub the ring vigorously and work with it very gently. Once you’re done, simply put it under clean water and dry it on a soft towel or a jewelry polishing cloth. Tada! The shining red and white is
all set to rock and roll.

2. Brighten Those Hands Up For Your White Gold Rings: White gold looks fantastic when your hands are clean and glowing. Ensure that you exfoliate your hands well before the actual day of the party. For those who are comfortable, you can also use mild bleach or brightening cream on your hand so that when you wear the white gold ruby ring, your skin is glowing and with it, glows the sparkling red of the ruby.

3. Match Your Outfit Carefully: If you have a strong and decently big white gold ruby ring then keep your outfit subtle so that your ring can shine brightly against it. If your ring is too big and your outfit is too flashy then it is quite possible that the entire brilliance gets subdued somewhere between the whole mesh.

4. Ensure That Your Ring Doesn’t Mess With Your Clothes: In case you have a ring that has the ruby protruding, ensure that you wear clothes such that the ring does not get stuck in them. For an example, in case you have a protruding white gold ruby ring and you wear something that has net then it is quite possible that during the night, your ring gets stuck in the net and spoils the outfit by stretching the net out a little.

5. Whites Make The Reds Look Brighter: You can team up your white gold ruby ring with something simple like a white dress. With white, cream, beige and other such soft colors, the red of the ruby shines brilliantly.

Therefore, in case you’re dressing up for a casual party you might want to team up your ring with a plain white dress whereas if it is a dressier occasion then you can probably wear a white dress with some bead work and sequence work etc., so that all the attention is rightfully grabbed by the ruby red that’s gleaming on your hand.

6. Match The Rest Of Your Jewelry With Your White Gold Ruby Ring: This is something which needs to be followed not just when you’re considering wearing white gold ruby rings but also otherwise. Whatever you’re wearing on your hand should match well with your earrings and if you’re wearing something on your neck too, then it shouldn’t be vastly different either.

Match all your jewelry items and watch how these wonderful little gleaming pieces put together an ensemble that makes heads turn. Although, wearing the same colored rings in your hand is a thing of the past, a few still like to keep the yellow golds and whites separately.

7. Be Prepared For The Sheer Brilliance Of The Ruby: Whether it is big or small, the brilliance of the ruby is such that it inevitably catches one’s eye therefore it is important that your white gold ruby ring ties well with your outfit and jewelry because they definitely are conversation starters. Also, it’s good to know a little about the gemstone that you’re wearing, therefore know that rubies invoke passion and stimulate creativity.

They give boost to your sensuality while enhancing your confidence and spirituality. Now, you might not be wearing the stone for any particular reason, but like we said, these are excellent conversation starters therefore you never know who might get interested and inquisitive.


8. Keep An Eye On Your White Gold Ruby Ring Before And After Purchasing: For those who are planning to buy a white gold ruby ring, remember that white gold is basically gold which is strengthened using metals like nickel, silver, rhodium etc. Usually because many people are allergic to nickel, white gold is plated with rhodium which also helps give it a bright shine.

Ensure that your white gold does not have nickel mixed in because nickel is a common allergen. Nevertheless, white gold is a great choice because it looks like platinum but is way cheaper. However, remember to keep an eye on your white gold rings and other jewelry because this metal requires re-plating to keep it’s shine intact.

Apart from all of the above mentioned, we would like to say that jewelry is something which enhances your look and somewhat is a definition of you, therefore choose it wisely but don’t get carried away.

White gold ruby rings usually look brilliant irrespective of the clothes, skin tone and other things, therefore don’t listen to those who say that white gold doesn’t suit olive or dark skin. Decide whether you want to wear something or not. Choose what you like, flaunt it how you like because after all each one of us is unique in our own way and that is the only way
one should be!

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