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The Ruby is a fiery red colored precious gemstone that has been appreciated and lusted after ever since it was discovered. It is one of the most beautiful, rare and exquisite gemstones. Although there is an abundance of synthetic and poor quality rubies, fine natural rubies are rare and are mostly found in small sizes. Known as the ‘King of Jewels,’ it is one of the most important gemstones, both for Astrological and Ornamental purpose.


The Ruby stone is found in parts of Southeast Asia like Old Burma (now Myanmar) and India. They are mined extensively in Africa, especially Zambia and the Middle East (Gulf area). The best quality Ruby stone used in ornamental and astrological Ruby jewelry is found in Old Burma.

Rubies were used as charms or amulets and thought to have special powers that would protect the wearer against impending danger. In some cultures, warriors carried rubies into battle to ensure victory and protection. Today, these beautiful red gemstones are especially desirable as ruby engagement rings for couples looking for a special way to symbolize their love and commitment.

Rubies vary in color from pink to blood-red color which is caused by the element chromium. The Ruby derives its name from the Latin word Ruber or red. Rubies are classified as one of the precious gemstones along with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Color is a primary factor in determining the value of a ruby. The deep blood-red Ruby is considered the most valuable and commands a higher price than rubies of similar quality.

Color is the ruby’s most important quality. Unlike the diamond, clarity is of secondary importance. With the ruby, inclusions do not impair its quality unless they affect the transparency of the ruby or are located in its center. Ironically, additions may add to the value of the stone giving it a “fingerprint” statement of its uniqueness.
There’s no denying that rubies and diamonds indeed make a dazzling combination. Today, more and more people opt for ruby and diamond rings because they exude timeless romance and sophistication. For people who are looking forward to spending their new lives together by tying the knot, they also look forward to buying their perfect wedding ring which symbolizes a lifelong union and commitment and prefers the elegance of diamond and ruby rings.

The Fusion of Ruby Diamond in a Ring

The Ruby itself can be a unique and powerful expression of love and passion, what’s more if it’s combined with a precious stone such as a diamond?

The deep scarlet beauty of the Ruby never fails to astound people especially when it is combined with the intense whiteness of the diamond. If you are a future bride who is looking for a perfect wedding or engagement ring, ruby and diamond rings are perfect for you because it is a powerful pair that symbolizes an air romance and glamour.

If you’re looking for a ring that can satisfy your style, you might want to consider ruby diamond rings. The fiery and classic combination of these stones indeed creates a romantic and stylish flair.

But if you already have a beautiful diamond ring but tired of its usual and typical appearance, you might want to consider accessorizing it with rubies. What you can do is to ask a jeweler to repair your ring and ask him/her to wrap it with rubies depending on your taste and preference.

If you want to send anyone and extravagant message, you might as well send him or her an extravagant present. Aside from being a perfect and unique wedding or engagement ring, ruby and diamond rings also make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Apart from weddings and engagements, ruby and diamond rings can also be tailor-made for different occasions. You can give a ruby and diamond ring during Valentine’s Day to keep the romance alive, for a July birthday celebrant to give her luck with a ring made out of her birthstones, 15th anniversary celebrations because it is a traditional 15th anniversary stone, 40th anniversary for this is the “ruby” anniversary, or graduation if the person went to a school whose official colors are red or white which is equivalent to ruby and diamond.

Remember that a ring is a constant reminder of singular and everlasting love for couples. If you would want to give a gift that the recipient can treasure for a lifetime, give that special someone a ruby and diamond ring

Due to its magical quality, rubies are synonymous with the most passionate emotions of passion, romance, and devotion. Rubies are also believed to inspire the feelings of benevolence and generosity according to folklore. One thing is certain, the striking beauty of a deep red ruby, much like the red rose, is sure to conjure up notions of deep and passionate love.

A ruby is unique in the way that it captures and commands a person’s attention. This is because of the deep and vibrant hues which characterize most rubies used in jewelry. The contrast between the dark red ruby and a shimmering platinum band is just mesmerizing. This is great for making a unique statement and being noticed anywhere you go.

If you’re someone who values your decisions over a societal norm, the ruby engagement ring is a perfect choice for you. Ruby rings have always been elegant and stylish jewelry pieces, valued throughout the centuries for their rarity and their amazing looks. Carry this tradition and symbolism forward by choosing the ruby engagement ring as an alternative to the tired norm.

Ruby diamond engagement rings are quite appealing as their designs are exceptional, and their appearance is very eye-catching. If you look at these pieces, you will be lost in their beauty as their appearance is so very attractive. They simply stand out from the crowd due to their classiness and richness which lies in their simplicity.

If you think that all rubies are cheap, and you can flaunt with its beauty in low cost, You may want to think again. Some rubies are expensive as diamonds, but you have cheaper versions available that can be purchased at low price. It is an excellent decision to purchase ruby engagement rings at an affordable price.


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