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An engagement ring is so special that anyone would want to prolong its lifespan for many, many years. Here are a few great tips to keep your precious ring nice and shiny.

1.Steam Treatment.-For extremely dirty rings find a jeweler next to you and have your ring cleaned, steam treatment is also a method applied by professionals in this field. If your ring is really stained don’t forget to contact a professional jeweler who is an expert in cleaning engagement rings, don’t try to use any household chemical like chlorine and bleach, as it may react to its base.
2.Use of jewelry cleaning solutions.-These solutions can be found in your nearest stores. To clean an engagement ring, soak it overnight in the solution, use warm water to rinse it clean, dry and polish it with a lint free cloth instead of air drying it in the sun or shade.

3.Use of Ammonia -Ammonia is a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen so be careful. To clean an engagement ring, mix 1 cup of ammonia with 3 cups warm water, put the ring in the solution for around 20 minutes, you can use a soft brush to clean it, dry and polish it with a lint free cloth. It will bring out the colors of the diamond and make it shine as new and give you confidence when wearing it.

4.Use of dish detergent and water..-Rings with lotions and oils are better cleaned with a detergent. If they are quite dirty soak them overnight. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub them. Dish washing detergent is very good at removing stains. Try it and you will love it.

5.Use of baking soda in cleaning engagement ring-Baking soda is a mild cleaning agent that helps in cleaning engagement rings that are less dirty. Mix a small amount of it with some water to form a paste, rub the paste all round the ring and it will clean the ring without any damage.

This is commonly used because it is readily available in local stores and also for its instant results when instructions are followed. Scrub the engagement ring with a soft toothbrush dipped in the baking soda solution carefully to avoid damaging the metal.

Avoid cleaning your ring everyday. Steam and ultrasonic cleaners can cause unnecessary wear on your ring when used daily.

Take a non-gel toothpaste using a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the ring, rinse with warm water and dry with a lint free cloth.

8.Use of vinegar –  Mix vinegar with equal amounts of water, brush with a soft bristle tooth brush and rinse with warm water. You should also know how to care for the engagement ring; *When getting into hot tubs or in spas or maybe you are swimming take off the ring – it might get rusty.  *Don’t let it air dry after cleaning an engagement ring – use a lint free cloth to wipe it. *Don’t use anything abrasive – some are too harsh and could scratch the gold in it so you have to be careful when cleaning an engagement ring. *To maintain the bright and the sparkly shine, clean your engagement ring once a week.

Some household cleaners such as bleach and chlorine should be completely avoided for they can mess with the base of the ring. To keep your ring sparkling you should give it a very gentle scrub with a very soft brush with some warm water and soap.
An Ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean an engagement ring though it should be used with caution because some diamonds have flaws and so the sound from this machine can cause the stone to crack. Maintain your engagement ring by ensuring that it is clean always and if it has more dirt take it to a professional and it will be cleaned.

If there is any chemical that you are not sure of,  do not use it to clean your engagement ring because some metals react to chemicals. Cleaning an engagement ring is never a complicated thing because there are many ways of doing it.

These tips will help you take good care of your engagement ring. You will love the efforts you put into maintaining it. Just remember the do’s and don’ts and your engagement ring will always look good and always sparkle.
In conclusion,  do not clean your ring too often, cleaning your engagement ring everyday can cause unnecessary wear on it, you can even clean it once in a month or after 3 weeks, remember to buy baking soda and dish washing detergent from your nearest store when you need to clean your engagement ring.

Follow these useful tips on a day to day basis and you will have your engagement ring looking good all the time to share with friends, family, and all the people who are close to you.

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