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When you are buying new jewelry you want to preserve it and have it look as good as the day it was new, but it is hard, wearing it and using it will take it’s toll and you will have to take some precautions to make it look like it did the day you first opened the jewelry box.

It is not the easiest thing and many people spend hours cleaning jewelry at regular intervals to make sure it is shining like the day you brought it home.
You will definitely save yourself a lot of hard work if you can prevent your jewelry from getting tarnished and we all know that we would rather spend our time wearing the jewelry than cleaning it. 

Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that develops on many metals, but especially sterling silver and copper will be hit by tarnish, other metals are not as prone to tarnish, but most will over time lose a part of their luster if you do not protect it or clean it.
We will try and give you a quick guide on how to keep your ring from tarnishing, but of course this also works on all other forms of jewelry and it will be a big help over time because you do not have to clean them as much.
Sulfur and a few other airborne chemicals are the main reasons for tarnish. Jewelry tarnishes much faster if you leave it out in the open, you should keep it in an air-tight acid-free container and store it away if you want your jewelry to tarnish at a much slower pace.
There are some ways to prevent tarnish from developing on your jewelry besides the one we mentioned above.
The first one is to always store your jewelry in small bags, you can use plastic bags, it will still keep the chemicals and the sulfur from getting to the jewelry and making sure it is not tarnished.
You also have the possibility of storing your jewelry with a silver tarnish cloth also known as a pacific cloth, it is a cloth that will, when you cut it into pieces, help your jewelry from getting tarnished and also give you a nice display in your jewelry box.
You can buy this cloth at fabric stores and you will not regret buying it, and you can get it by the yard.
One of the best ways is to add no tarnish strips to your jewelry box. You simply buy the strips, put it in your jewelry box and you just change them every two or three months, it will help to keep your jewelry from getting tarnished and help it shine like the day you opened the box and it sparkled.
If you do not have tarnish strips, you can simply use chalk, plain ordinary chalkboard chalk. The chalk will absolve the chemicals from the air and prevent your precious jewelry from getting tarnished. This is similar to the same function as the strips, and it will get the job done without any problems. As with the tarnish strips, you simply change it every two to three months and it will also help your jewelry to keep it’s normal luster.
A quick wipe down is always a good idea, whenever you have used your jewelry you should wipe your jewelry with a Sunshine cloth or any other cloth that is designed for wiping down jewelry, it will prevent buildup from wear and make sure the chemicals does not tarnish your jewelry. Once you have worn the jewelry outside, more chemicals  can attache to them. To remove them you should simply wipe the jewelry down a little more thoroughly to make sure it will not tarnish before you wear it next time.
If you are storing your jewelry in the boxes it came in, make sure to add some acid-free paper to the box to prevent tarnish, but still it is a better idea to add some tarnish cloth and keep it in a small plastic bag.
Another idea is using the paper you get when you buy shoes. This paper contains an absorbent to help protect your jewelry when it is stored in a damp environment and it will also add an extra protection to jewelry made from copper/silver and leather.

This works for all forms of metals, but it is most effective on the metals known to tarnish like copper and silver.
If you have a lot of jewelry that are prone to tarnish, then you can simply also use a sealant. A sealant is simply a way of preventing the sulfur and other chemicals from getting to your jewelry, it is sealing the jewelry in and making it shine.

The sealant will in time, wear off, but you can easily add it again.
There is no sure fire way to completely prevent tarnish other than encasing your jewelry in plastic, but this will certainly make it last a lot longer, and still remember that jewelry is made to be worn, and you sometimes have to clean it to make it look it’s best.

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