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The element of fire and the representation of the sun, Ruby is one of the most gratifying gemstones ever. Its intensity and depth come from its red color. Red is known to evoke a range of conflicting emotions from love to rage. In whatever form, red is indulging as it is the first color perceived by man. What’s alluring about the ruby is that this fascinating gemstone captures the beauty of red in its illuminating vitreous body. When engraved in jewelry it looks like a mystic energy confined within metal with its aura trying to reveal its presence; a perfect jewelry for wedding rings. Here are reasons as to what makes ruby wedding rings so precious.

The Royalty Of It’s Look!

Most people who are thinking of purchasing a wedding ring immediately think of the traditional diamond ring. Another option growing in popularity are ruby wedding rings. These are also popular for any occasion ring such as an anniversary, graduation, or just to say, “I love you.” The Ruby is a unique gemstone that has the look and appeal of passion, romance, and depth. They are also the birthstone for the month of July. Unique vintage antique ruby rings are another non-traditional choice, which many women, in particular, love. But whether you purchase a vintage ring or design you own, choosing a ruby is particularly distinctive.

Even more brilliant than the stunning fiery red ruby is in the royal connection they have. Ruby rings have been a popular choice for members of the Royal Family. It’s no surprise as the beauty of the stunning ruby jewel aligns perfectly with the image of royalty. Rubies have been a popular choice that has been used in crowns and scepters for centuries. One of the reasons Ruby rings are so popular with royals is they are a stone that sets you apart. All gemstones have beauty, but the Ruby is distinctive and stands apart from other stones.

When choosing a ruby for a ring, the deeper and more vibrant the red color is, the more valuable the ruby will be. Rubies lighter red in color have less value. Ruby wedding rings are growing in popularity due to their non-traditional and unique look and come in many styles. You can use rubies to set off your diamond or the opposite, use diamonds to set off your gorgeous ruby ring.

Antique ruby rings are another option for a wedding ring, or simply a lovely piece of jewelry, but also as an investment. Antique ruby estate rings have a history to them, which intrigues people. When buying a ruby estate ring, you may be able to talk to people who knew who owned the ring and got some history to the ring. But always, when purchasing ruby estate rings, be sure to check for authenticity and value. Having the ring appraised by a professional is always a good idea. The style is another important thing to consider when looking for an antique ring, as there are many styles and eras to choose from. For ruby wedding rings two of the most popular eras are the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
What Makes It So Alluring?

You may raise your brow when you hear about the ruby wedding rings!

The ruby wedding ring is made from ruby, a pink to blood-red colored gemstone and is named from a Latin word ruber, which means red. The red appearance of the gem is brought by the presence of chromium . As early as 200 BC, in North Silk Road of China, rubies were loaded in an ancient trackway heading westward. In Asian parts of the world, rubies have always been associated with high esteem and confidence. They were incorporated to armor, scabbards and shackles of high authorities in China and India. This captivating red gemstone is mistakenly thought to be from Burma, but the high-quality rubies are from India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States.

In Biblical scriptures, the Ruby is mentioned as the secondary wit, knowledge and wisdom. When worn on the left hand, it is believed to bring good fortune and wealth. The Ruby is the birthstone of July, and it is known to be the king of all gems. It is also the astrological sign of Cancer. Because of its intense and arrogant red hue, it has been looked up to throughout history and aspired and envied by royalties. Although it has the characteristics of durability and strength, it only comes second to diamonds. But when in comes to a strong statement of passion and intense conveyance of commitment, the Ruby has it all.

The Ruby cut is best described with the word “star”. In gemology parlance, it is called “asterism.” Some rubies display a 3-point or 6-point asterism or star. This makes it more look strong and provoking. Other types of cuts for the ruby gem include cushion cuts which resemble the shape of a square pillow, oval cuts, round cuts, hear cuts, marquise cuts, princess cuts, pear cuts and emerald cuts.

The Ruby wedding ring covers many characteristics such as a strong and sturdy relationship, bond, affirmation of friendship and love, conviction, devotion, and fidelity. This can also be a flirtatious, lustful, and passionate gift for your partner. It is said that when Ruby is rubbed to your skin, this will recharge you of your youth and vigor.

The Ruby wedding ring can be a perfect gift for celebrating your 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. It is like renewing your vow to your husband or wife. This is also ideal for celebrating romantic dates such as Valentine’s Day. The price of the ring is contingent on a sort of antecedents and considerations. This may embrace the cut, karat size, clarity and ruby color. Jewelry shops do also offer rings with lesser rubies as well as expensive rubies. The larger ones, of course, are much costly. Replica or synthetic rubies are also crafted and are offered for the lower price.




Why Is It Elegant?

When it comes to jewelry, especially rings, there is no substitute for ruby wedding rings. These rings have become the all time favorite style accessory  for most. The factor that surprises everyone is that these rings are liked by women of all ages, be it the young girls, middle-aged women or even oldies. These rings have many reasons to be loved. The elegant and classy look of ruby rings makes it a favorite of every girl.

Fashion is the word which relates best with these ruby rings. These rings serve the purpose of gifts for your near and dear ones. For your beloved, there could be no better than gift than a ring. These rings have brought smiles to many lips. Rings remain to be with you all the time, so time after time they remind you of the past moments whenever you look at them.

These gorgeous pieces of art are made out of rubies, which symbolize royalty. Yes, these rings impart a royal look, which you otherwise get by spending a huge amount of money. Also, rubies have been related to love and passion. 

There are different types of these rings, two of which are ruby rings with yellow gold and ruby rings with platinum and white gold. If you are to attend a party and are finding yourself incomplete, a ruby ring with yellow gold will give you the desired look separating you from the crowd. A ruby ring with platinum and gold is the perfect fashion accessory for the young girls, especially the ones from the world of fashion, as it imparts a stunning glamorous look. A royal red ruby will always compliment the dress you are wearing.

Whether it is a wedding party of your best friend or a ramp walk, a ruby is an ultimate choice. After all, these rings give you more than what you pay.

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