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Each and every woman’s most desired expectation is her Engagement Ring. A lot of emotions are attached to her wedding and everything related to it. She has a big dream of this day, and the ring she will wear from the man of her choice. The most valuable ring is a diamond which is the most beautiful among all of the gems. But the biggest problem associated with this gem is its price. We all know that diamonds are the costliest among all of the stones.

Then what might be the other reasonable yet stylish option that can be the most suitable next to the Diamond? Of course, the Ruby Engagement Rings are very popular among the brides. So, I will suggest having a look at the options that are available.

Ruby Engagement Rings are quite appealing as their designs are exceptional, and their appearance is very eye-catching. If you look at these pieces, you will be lost in their beauty as their appearance is so very attractive. They simply stand out from the crowd due to their classiness and richness which lies in their simplicity. If you think that all rubies are cheap, and that you can flaunt with its beauty in low cost, then you need to change your thinking.

You need to know that rubies can be expensive like diamonds, but you have lower versions available that can be purchased at a low price. It is a very good and prudent decision to buy ruby engagement rings at an affordable price.

What I like about Ruby Engagement Rings!

The red color of rubies has a very good charm that shows intense and passionate flavor as required for an event like an engagement. Moreover, ruby rings are also worn by many people to bring prosperity into their lives and a good state of health and mind. What I like most is the pure red color. It is very different from traditional wedding rings with a diamond center stone that is round and “oh so common.”

If this gemstone is also your birthstone, it’s like getting two for the price of one when you get a ruby engagement ring or a wedding band. Nice clean oval rubies that are under a karat are the nicest and most cost-effective. Usually if I try to find something bigger than that which is clean and nicely red colored, then it is quite pricey. I like a clean stone because it plays with the light and you see the beauty of the red rose color of this gemstone.

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Star Ruby

The only type of bigger stone I would get is a star ruby. They can get fairly large but they are opaque gems, and you are mainly buying them for the beautiful star formed by all the silk inclusions. The star is called an asterism and is caused by the silk in the gem reflecting the light in a certain way. But sometimes star rubies are not that great as an engagement ring when they are too round and can look ungainly regarding shape and appeal.

The transparent rubies that are faceted nicely into an oval or cushion shape are best for using as a center stone. I like trilliant diamonds on the sides, and because the ruby itself is under a karat or slightly over, I can get away with diamond trilliant side stones that are under 20 points each but with a nice sparkle and that are well matched for a good price.

If I decide that I don’t want to use this ring at some point in time, I can always use the matching trillions and turn them into diamond studs. 

ruby - emerald cut ruby - whit gold

Emerald Cut Ruby

Emerald cut rubies make great center stones, but with emerald cuts, its better if the material is really clean to take advantage of the huge light flashes and reflections generated by a step cut like an octagon cut or an Escher cut. Still, the shape appeal of an octagon cut in a ruby engagement ring also goes well with the matching diamond trillions on the side.





ruby - cushion cut rftt

Cushion Cut

My most favorite shape is the cushion cut which is a little bulky and is prone to be cut native style with a bulging belly taking it over my 1 karat sweet spot. The shape appeal of a cushion cut is nice, so I will forgo a bit of clarity to get a nice two carat ruby center stone and use the same matching diamond trillions on the sides.

I could also go with matching half moon diamond cuts, but I find that the pointy trillions emphasize the soft contours of a cushion cut center stone better. Ruby wedding rings are a great alternative to traditional diamond bridal jewelry, and are less expensive as well.

Special Features of the Rings

Ruby engagement rings are no doubt among the most popular form of jewelry today. They have emerged as a popular alternative for diamond rings, be it for engagements, weddings or even birthdays. Well, there are no apparent reasons as to why the ruby rings have suddenly become so popular, but there indeed are some factors that contribute to their popularity. Here, is a look at those factors.

• Unique Appearance:

The unique appearance that these rings boast of is surely something to look forward to. The way these ruby rings look makes them stand out even when they are worn in a pretty simple way. Also, they look as expensive as the diamond rings which means that the person wearing it gets to flaunt them if she wants to.

People often prefer ruby rings when they want something different from the run of the mill diamond rings that are usually very popular. These rings present a good option for the people who want something different for a special occasion.

• Affordable Price:

Although the rubies can be as expensive as the diamonds, there always is a chance that you can get a really good deal on the ruby rings. These rings are usually more affordable than the really expensive diamond rings. The best thing about these rings is that in spite of the affordable price they still stand their own ground in front of the diamond rings. The low price simply does not mean that they are any lesser than the diamond rings in any sense

• Durability:

Rubies are second only to diamonds when it comes to durability. This is the reason that many people prefer them as an alternative to the diamond rings. They are much tougher than the other popular precious gemstones. With a little care and regular cleaning, the ruby rings can last for a long time. This offers the buyer an added advantage when they spend money on the rings.

The fact is that the unique appearance, the affordable price and the durability provided by the ruby rings have made them very popular among the buyers. If your engagement ceremony is approaching and you have still not decided which kind of ring to buy, there is nothing to be worried about. These days, the craze for ruby rings is at it’s all time high, and you can pick it as an engagement ring for your beautiful woman.

We all have heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this is the reason why men run after diamond rings. However, due to their high prices, they have to compromise on one point or the other. If you do not want to make any compromises, then zero down on ruby engagement rings without thinking twice.

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